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Richard Clarke
Feeling Superb!

A fortnight in, with my busy work schedule I feel incredible. Full of life, needing less sleep and much more aware 24/7. Definitely recommend

Thank you so much for sharing your positive experience with us! We are thrilled to hear that Himmense SHIFT has made such a positive impact on your life. We are glad that it has helped you feel full of life and more aware throughout the day. We appreciate your recommendation and hope you continue to feel superb.

40yr old recommendation

Started taking this 10weeks ago when at a physcial and mental low: lack of energy, motivation and major gain in weight. I noticed a discerable improvement in recovery after training, mental state and focus within 4weeks. Hair thickness/growth speed and general complextion also improved as a bonus! Historically i've struggled with winter and reduction of light and taken vitD to compensate but without noticable change, but this year this hasnt been an issue while taken Himmense. I havent really made any other changes to diet, alcohol consumption etc prior to Jan so the only difference was Himmense.
I've got a major physical challenge coming up in July and now see Himmense as a vital part of my nutrition towards that goal.

Hi Matthew

Thank you for your kind review of Himmense SHIFT! We are so glad to hear that it has been working for you and that you have noticed a discernible improvement in your recovery after training, mental state, and focus. It's great to hear that you have also experienced benefits such as improved hair thickness/growth speed, and complexion. We are thrilled that Himmense has helped you to get through the winter season without any issues, and we are happy to know that you see it as a vital part of your nutrition moving forward. Thank you for choosing Himmense, and we hope you continue to see great results!

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Patrick Cahill

Love your product and I would recommend it to any guy in a heartbeat

Thank you Patrick. We really appreciate your feedback.

Fine so far.

Amazing product and customer service! Would defo recommend to all my friends

I've tried alot of different vitamin and supplement products, was constantly on the hunt for the next best thing. I have to say honestly, this is an amazing product which has helped with my skin, fatigue, sleep and all-round general wellbeing. Plus their customer service is brilliant and they have gone the extra mile to make sure my package was delivered in time for my holiday, would highly recommend these guys!!!

Single Sachet Trial Purchase

Thank you for the 5* review Qasim

Not really noticed a massive difference yet

Flavour ok. Not noticed a huge change in anything though but probably need more than 14 days to notice as I get quite achey joint pain.

Hi Mark, you've hit the nail on the head. It can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months (sometimes longer) to notice a difference. As everybody's body is different, your results will be individual to you. Like anything good for you, the gym, getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, eating healthy etc. its a commitment. Stick with it. It's worth it.

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Vrabie Catalin

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Thomas Jenkins

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Himmense Review

I find the Himmense Collagen are good and they do help support my Bones and Joints and they do feel Good.

Thank you Daniel. Glad you're experiencing the benefits of using Himmense for your joints, bones etc.


Actually does as it says! Great product got my freind using it to.

Thank you Lee

Love this product

Love this product, tastes great and I feel great! Highly recommended.

Thank you for the wonderful review Jason. We are very pleased that you feel great having used Himmense SHIFT.


Great product! Although I have only been using it for a few weeks there has already been a noticeable improvement in the quality of my skin. Definitely recommended

Hi Robin, Glad to hear you've seen noticeable improvements in just a few weeks (sometimes it can take a few months) - We really appreciate the review. If you're interested in recommending Himmense to Friends and Family be sure to join our affiliate programme.

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Georgios Koutalidis
Such an amazing supplement

This has to be one of the best supplements out there. Amazing ingredients and the taste is just awesome. I highly recommend trying Himmense!

Thank you for a great review Georgios.

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Kevin Brailsford
Himmemse 👍

So can't really judge on the collagen as lots of research says it could take upto 8 weeks to see results, am excited about the ashwaghandha benefits an so far only noticed better sperm load as a way to put it lol so is taking effect just taking time.

This surely then deserves a 5 star review :-)


I find that these have too much packaging for such a little product also not feeling anything for the price all these vitamins and minerals and collagen I'll give it a few more months to see if I see any results

Hi Dayton,

Thank you for taking the time to Review Himmense SHIFT

Re Packaging. We have recently reduced the outer postal box in size by 33% and reduced the size of the inner box by 33%. We have also changed our collagen delivery method from plastic tubes to 100% recyclable, sustainable, vegan friendly sachets. The only single use sachets that are 100% recyclable. The smaller lightweight packaging means we use fewer vehicles and less fuel to transport it. Leading to less carbon emissions. We are always looking to improve, so if you have any suggestions on how we can improve the packaging please do let us know via

Re Results.
What you can expect from Himmense SHIFT

1-3 Months - Skin Benefits
3 Months - Muscle Mass and strength (combined with resistance training)
4-6 months - Joint, Tendons, Ligament benefits.

We’ve seen brilliant results in as little as 2 weeks. But every body is different, so if it’s taking a little longer - stick with it, it’s 100% worth it. Clinical studies show that Himmense SHIFT's key ingredient, Type 1 hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides, can have a beneficial effect on the appearance of skin, boost muscle mass and reduce joint pain when taken daily for 12 weeks or more which is aligned with what our subscribers tell us. So, you may not notice the benefits visibly for weeks. Which is why we have packed our premium marine collagen with clinically proven vitamins and minerals so either way you’re getting tons of benefits straight away.

Practical & fuss free Supplementation.

So practical & convenient, they are posted through your letter box fuss free(so no worries if you’re not about to answer the door!) consuming the supplement you literally snap and go and you are done. Delicious taste alone or mixed with your favourite drink (I would recommend with hot chocolate or protein shake.)
It has all the star ingredients for your best skin & hair yet.
Good for those experiencing thinning hair also due to the collagen & vitamin B Varients.
You definitely have to give a supplement like this at least 3 months to work and comment on results/experience so I will report back!

Very practical & great taste

I really enjoy the honey-like taste! I was very surprised at how good it is. I also find the packaging very practical. You can get your dose of daily collagen and other important supplements in a few seconds. What I also appreciate is the fact that the packaging is easy to recycle!

Taste good & feel good

I wanted to take collagen for crispy joints & anti ageing looks. I can’t say much about joints but i feel some positive difference in looks & muscle mass. Its quite sweet in taste which i like. Once i received leaked pack otherwise no complaints.

I’m feeling like a new and younger man

Started taking collagen suppIements about a month ago after reading they can keep you looking younger for longer. I’m fast approaching 40! Already I’m feeling like a new and younger man. My hair feels thicker as well.

absolutely fantastic product 👏 👌

Fantastic product and service

Nothing but a positive experience from service to product. Feeling a little more alive and energetic after two weeks use and is so easy to supplement with. Tastes great too.

Really like

Really like that this is a brand for men and not only collagen supplement but so much more. Time hack.

Fantastic product

Makes you look and feel great unlike anything else on the market designed for men!

Have to say taste much better than other brands

Ive been taking marine collagen for a while now but thought I’d try something different and came across Himmense. Have to say taste much better than other brands which can have a fishy taste/smell. Pleasantly surprised with sweeter taste of these. There a bit more pricy but include multiple vitamins so can save you money if you buy a lot of vits!