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Marine Collagen Protein Drink packed with Vitamins

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the ultimate collagen supplement

HIMMENSE SHIFT is the only collagen protein drink formulated for men that is packed with vitamins and minerals + the natural testosterone booster Ashwagandha.

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With 6000MG of premium marine collagen protein combined with vitamins in one daily drink, SHIFT helps counteract the signs of ageing, boost muscle mass & muscle recovery, preserve joints & reduce joint pain, strengthen hair, improve skin health & elasticity, relieve stress & anxiety, plus more.

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Made in the UK from the highest quality ingredients in accordance with the strictest standards and obsessively improved based on the latest science.

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Everything You Need

+ Nothing You Don't

  • Collagen 6G for healthier hair and skin

    + muscle mass boost

    % EU NRV §
  • Vitamin B5 for healthier digestion

    + natural sex drive boost

  • Vitamin B6 for healthier brain

    + reduced risk of heart disease

  • Vitamin B12 for red blood cell production

    + better bone health

  • Vitamin C for an immunity boost

    + improved brain function

  • Vitamin D3 for stronger bones, a healthier heart

    + better mood

  • Selenium for an antioxidant + immune

    system boost

  • Ashwagandha 500MG for stress relief + testosterone boost


Benefits Of Himmense SHIFT

Counteract Skin Ageing
Himmense SHIFT contains Marine Collagen which has been clinically proven to be effective in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and improving skin elasticity and skin hydration.
Increase Testosterone
Himmense SHIFT can help boost testosterone levels, sperm quality and fertility in men.
Boost Muscle Mass
Himmense SHIFT can help enhance your muscle repair and recovery by replenishing protein loss that occurs in muscles during and after long periods of exercise.
Reduce body fat
Himmense SHIFT contains ingredients that can help reduce body fat and promote weight loss.
Keep Hair Strong
Himmense SHIFT’s key ingredient Collagen contains 19 different amino acids, some of which are vital for the production of keratin, the specific protein which helps maintain the structure and quality of hair.
Improve Mood
Himmense SHIFT contains several ingredients that play an important role in regulating mood and reducing symptoms of depression. Furthermore, Himmense SHIFT can help to relieve stress and anxiety by lowering levels of cortisol (the stress hormone).
Increase Energy
Himmense SHIFT contains energising ingredients that contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and help provide you with vital nutritional support to achieve your goals.
Strengthen the Immune System
Himmense SHIFT can help boost the immune system and keep your body healthy by identifying and fighting off potential threats including bacteria, viruses, and parasites.
Improve brain function and memory
Himmense SHIFT can help improve your reaction time, performance, general memory and attention.
Support Joints, Tendons & Cartilage
Himmense SHIFT can help to support, maintain and strengthen your cartilage. Collagen is a key component of cartilage, the rubber-like tissue that covers the surface of our joints, acting as a shock absorber and allowing bones to slide over one another.
Comprehensive Nutrition
Himmense SHIFT is the ultimate collagen supplement and offers more added vitamins, minerals and adaptogens than any other liquid marine collagen brand. Convenient for you to take and better absorbed than pills or powders.
Multiple Functions
Himmense SHIFT serves multiple beneficial skin, hair, health and wellness functions. It’s like 8 health products working together as one and has shown to be effective in less than 6 months.
Simple to take
Himmense SHIFT is incredibly convenient. Simply snap the sachet in half and drink daily. No more complicated skin care or wellness routines. No more messy protein powders. Drink one sachet a day. Done.
Save time
Himmense SHIFT saves you time. Posted directly through your letter box. Drink one sachet a day. Less pills, powders and tablets for you to remember to take.
Save & Earn Money
Himmense SHIFT offers great value. Subscribe and save 17%. Benefit from free delivery in the UK. Refer a friend and earn 10% commission on every sale.
100% Recyclable Packaging
Himmense SHIFT is delivered via the only single dose sachet that is 100% recyclable and vegan friendly.
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subscriber Stories

We asked some of our subscribers to take before and after photos over a 6 to 12 week period. Wearing the same clothes, using the same camera and lighting, against the same background. Here's what they have to say...



My Himmense Story // Adam

Adam reported the following results after 12 weeks

  • Hair looks thicker
  • Skin less puffy
  • Wrinkles around my forehead are fading
  • I generally feel healthier
  • Its good stuff!



My Himmense Story // Max

Max reported the following results after 6 weeks

  • Faster results than I was expecting
  • My mood has improved
  • I feel stronger during workouts
  • My ligaments and tendons aren’t so sore the next morning
  • My skin looks and feels less oily
  • The lines around my forehead are less deep
  • Convenient post workout protein supplement
  • Great product.



My Himmense Story // Bali

Bali reported the following results after 24 weeks

  • I’m a 45 year old dad. With work, looking after my daughter, going to the gym and seeing friends I find very little time for self-care. The Himmense Sachets have changed my life. No exaggeration.
  • I take one sachet a day religiously. My hair feels thicker and I’ve noticed new hair growth. My skin looks and feels absolutely amazing, the scaring around my cheeks are less prominent.
  • I can bench and leg press heavier than when I was in my 20’s. Its a game changer.



My Himmense Story // Kieran

Kieran reported the following after 52 weeks

  • Taking Himmense collagen supplements has been a great decision for me
  • I have noticed a significant improvement in my hair, skin, and nails since starting to take it daily
  • My hair is stronger and shinier, and my nails are less brittle
  • My skin also looks and feels more radiant, youthful and my frequent bouts of acne have disappeared
  • I have also noticed an improvement in my joint health and overall well-being
  • I highly recommend giving collagen Himmense a try.



My Himmense Story // Errol

Errol reported the following after 20 Weeks

  • The improvements in my skin is definitely a factor and my focus and energy I have never truly experienced unbelievable life changing product 🙌 🙏



My Himmense Story // Alex

I’m into my skincare but have always focused on products that you apply on the skin surface as opposed to taking supplements to improve skin from the inside out.

  • The wrinkles under my eyes are less visible and my skin looks better
  • I sleep so much better than I did
  • I have so much more energy
  • My concentration is better
  • My muscles don’t feel so sore after a workout
  • I haven’t caught a cold in ages!

What's Himmense?

It’s the difference between where you are and where you want to be. It’s supplements that make sense. No snake oil.
No ‘one weird tricks’.
Just the ingredients you need to overcome the odds, reach your goals and activate your himmense potential.

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From the moment the box arrived, I knew I’d made a good call. 10 days in, I’m already feeling the difference.


It's not just a supplement, it's a game changer.


Love the brand, love what it stands for. And after 3 months using your shots, i've noticed a significant improvement on my skin and hair.


Skincare, Protein, All my essential vitamins in one quick shot. No brainer.


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