Less stress, more muscle mass + a BOOST in the bedroom, get the intel on Ashwagandha

The stress-busting adaptogen Ashwagandha is blowing up social media and has  become a “must have” with men, who are seeing major benefits not only in the gym, but also in...

Withania somnifera, known commonly as ashwagandha, Indian ginseng, or winter cherry

You might have noticed social media's tribe of fitness trainers raving about Ashwagandha. This stress-busting adaptogen is blowing up social media, including TikTok. So, what is this new health trend?

This ancient medicinal herb, also known by its botanical name “withania somnifera” - has become a “must have” with mainly men, who are seeing major benefits not only in the gym, but also the bedroom.

While it may be relatively new to us Brits, Ashwagandha is a powerful herb that is prominent in Ayurvedic medicine, and its history of use as a medicine dates back to AD 6000. It can relieve stress and anxiety, improve athletic performance plus boost testosterone and supercharge sperm in men.

Ashwagandha also known by its botanical name “withania somnifera”

But you don't need to go hunting far for the health benefits of this evergreen shrub – HIMMENSE supplements contain Ashwagandha.  

Get the inside scoop here on how Ashwagandha can help fuel your health:


Supplements that contain ashwagandha are increasingly being used to build muscle mass and strength in weightlifting circles.

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So, can Ashwagandha have beneficial effects on athletic performance and muscle mass?
A systematic review and meta-analysis of 12 studies says yes. It found direct evidence suggesting that taking Ashwagandha supplements has a positive effect on physical performance, including oxygen and strength during workouts.
An analysis of five studies found that taking ashwagandha significantly enhanced maximum oxygen consumption (VO2 max). VO2 max measures how much oxygen you breathe in while exercising as hard as you can. The more oxygen you inhale, the more energy your body can use. Higher VO2 max usually means better physical fitness.
Additionally, ashwagandha may help increase muscle mass and strength.

A double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study of young male subjects (18-50 years old) with little experience in resistance training, showed those who took ashwagandha had significantly greater gains in muscle strength and size. It also more than doubled their reductions in body fat percentage, compared with the placebo group.


From pandemics to the rising cost of living and unattainable male beauty standards, Millennials have had a wild ride - and are often labelled the 'most stressed generation'. In fact, one study found that 80% of millennials experience stress several times per week - with 40% saying they feel stressed every single day. 

Touted as the ultimate remedy to 21st century living, ashwagandha is what’s known as an ‘adaptogen’. In other words, it’s a natural substance that helps the body to adapt to stress. And when it comes to men, 1 in 8 has a common mental health problem such as anxiety. So, if men need anything in today’s world, it's a supplement that helps you handle stress! 

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When you’re feeling stressed the hormone cortisol is released. Many studies have proven that Ashwagandha can help decrease cortisol levels, including two human trials that found that ashwagandha root taken daily for two months resulted in an almost 25% reduction in the stress hormone cortisol.
A 60-day study of 64 people with chronic stress, found those in the group that supplemented with ashwagandha reported a 69% reduction in anxiety compared with 11% in the placebo group.
A separate study showed chronically stressed adults lowered cortisol levels by up to 30% after digesting supplements containing ashwagandha. 
Furthermore, research suggests that ashwagandha may also help reduce depression.


Ashwagandha increases testosterone and supercharges sperm, and is traditionally used to improve sexual performance, fertility and libido.

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Modern life can leave us exhausted, mentally and physically - and when we are stressed, tired and don't feel in the best shape, our libido can be dramatically lowered.

Ashwagandha has been recognised for its fertility-boosting properties across multiple studies. For example, a systematic review comprising 4 randomized controlled trials found that a 90-day treatment of ashwagandha improved sperm concentration, sperm motility, and semen volume. 

A controlled study of 75 infertile men found those who supplemented with five grams of ashwagandha per day increased sperm count and motility and saw a significant increase in their T-levels. How? In reducing cortisol (stress hormone) levels, ashwagandha shifts hormone production to anabolic hormones – including testosterone and DHEA.

In another study of overweight men aged 40-70, the herbal extract was connected to a 18% greater increase in testosterone production compared to those who took a placebo. 


And after all that action, you’ll need to catch up on your zzz’s to help you stay energized. Fortunately, research also shows that Ashwagandha can promote a better night's sleep.

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For example, a 2021 systematic review of five randomized trials involving 400 adults found that ashwagandha exhibited a significant beneficial effect on overall sleep, and participants also felt more alert when they woke up. 

Another study of 50 adults, taking 600mg of Ashwagandha daily over a 12-week period found that there sleep quality and mental alertness significantly improved. This has been linked to its effect on the GABA receptors, the neurons which are thought to be a key component of the sleep circuit. 


Across five separate clinical studies, evidence was found that taking a daily dose of Ashwagandha can improve brain power, specifically cognitive function, especially in older adults.

In one study, adults who took 600mg of ashwagandha root extract every day for 8 weeks “significantly improved” general memory, task performance, and attention.

In a separate study of healthy men, the supplement brought about “significant improvements” in reaction time and task performance.

Brain fog and alertness is inextricably linked to the quality of the sleep we are getting, so it's no wonder the herb has also been linked to better brain function and concentration.


Clinical studies show that Ashwagandha may also:

+ reduce blood-sugar levels
+ help lower cholesterol
+ reduce inflammation
+ have anti-cancer properties
+ promote the recovery from long COVID

Learn more about the science here.

So, if you’re looking for a natural testosterone booster, that can also help relieve stress and improve your athletic performance, it couldn't be easier to get your daily dose of Ashwagandha with HIMMENSE supplements.


Benefits of Ashwagandha

It’s worth noting that the benefits of Ashwagandha will be felt after levels build up in the body, which according to studies, can take a few months after daily supplementation – so be patient.

Warning: Ashwagandha is a safe supplement for most people, however, pregnant or breastfeeding women or people with thyroid conditions or autoimmune diseases (such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, and type 1 diabetes) should avoid ashwagandha unless authorized by a healthcare provider.

Advice is for information only and should not replace medical care. Consult a doctor or healthcare professional if you have any questions or are taking any other medications before you try any remedies.

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