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The benefits of collagen
Get Your SHIFT Together
Get Your SHIFT Together
Get Your SHIFT Together

Why’s it called Shift? Because it puts one in for you. The star of the show? Collagen.

One of the major building blocks of the human body, it’s pretty much the swiss army knife of proteins. It keeps your hair strong, skin smooth, reduces wrinkles, joints supple, boosts muscle growth and well, pretty much everything except set your alarm for you.


Himmense SHIFT daily collagen drink for men is only 22 Kcal and contains 5.4g of protein. Infused with vitamin C, for maximum absorption, as well as vitamins B5, B6, B12, D3, Selenium and Ashwagandha for multiple health benefits. SHIFT is packed with 6000mg of hydrolysed marine collagen which has a higher bioavailability meaning its more efficiently absorbed and can boost circulating levels of important amino acids.  We know men want to look and feel their best which is why we’ve made sure our collagen for men is free from added sugar, artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours and does not contain lactose, gluten, dairy, soya, wheat, starch, yeast, animal fat, alcohol, emulsifying agents & soy lecithin. And our packaging is recyclable.




Members of our #himmunity have reported the following benefits after taking Himmense Mens Collagen Protein supplements packed with Vitamins:

  • Smoother, softer and more hydrated looking skin
  • A reduction in acne and acne related blemishes
  • Faster muscle recovery and rejuvenation
  • Reduced joint, ligament, tendons and muscle pain
  • Thicker fuller hair growth
  • Improved mood, alertness and concentration
  • Increased energy
  • A boost in sex drive
  • An increase in strength and muscle mass
  • Compliments on how good they are looking!

Why choose himmense shift?

Sometimes more is more.

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  • Collagen 6G for healthier hair and skin + muscle mass boost
  • Vitamin B5 for healthier digestion + natural sex drive boost
  • Vitamin B6 for healthier brain + reduced risk of heart disease
  • Vitamin B12 for red blood cell production + better bone health
  • Vitamin C for an immunity boost + improved brain function
  • Vitamin D3 for stronger bones, a healthier heart + better mood
  • Selenium for an antioxidant + immunne system boost
  • Ashwagandha 500MG for stress relief

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Kevin Brailsford
Himmemse 👍

So can't really judge on the collagen as lots of research says it could take upto 8 weeks to see results, am excited about the ashwaghandha benefits an so far only noticed better sperm load as a way to put it lol so is taking effect just taking time.

This surely then deserves a 5 star review :-)

Dayton Smith

I find that these have too much packaging for such a little product also not feeling anything for the price all these vitamins and minerals and collagen I'll give it a few more months to see if I see any results

Hi Dayton,

Thank you for taking the time to Review Himmense SHIFT

Re Packaging. We have recently reduced the outer postal box in size by 33% and reduced the size of the inner box by 33%. We have also changed our collagen delivery method from plastic tubes to 100% recyclable, sustainable, vegan friendly sachets. The only single use sachets that are 100% recyclable. The smaller lightweight packaging means we use fewer vehicles and less fuel to transport it. Leading to less carbon emissions. We are always looking to improve, so if you have any suggestions on how we can improve the packaging please do let us know via

Re Results.
What you can expect from Himmense SHIFT

1-3 Months - Skin Benefits
3 Months - Muscle Mass and strength (combined with resistance training)
4-6 months - Joint, Tendons, Ligament benefits.

We’ve seen brilliant results in as little as 2 weeks. But every body is different, so if it’s taking a little longer - stick with it, it’s 100% worth it. Clinical studies show that Himmense SHIFT's key ingredient, Type 1 hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides, can have a beneficial effect on the appearance of skin, boost muscle mass and reduce joint pain when taken daily for 12 weeks or more which is aligned with what our subscribers tell us. So, you may not notice the benefits visibly for weeks. Which is why we have packed our premium marine collagen with clinically proven vitamins and minerals so either way you’re getting tons of benefits straight away.

Chad Williams
Practical & fuss free Supplementation.

So practical & convenient, they are posted through your letter box fuss free(so no worries if you’re not about to answer the door!) consuming the supplement you literally snap and go and you are done. Delicious taste alone or mixed with your favourite drink (I would recommend with hot chocolate or protein shake.)
It has all the star ingredients for your best skin & hair yet.
Good for those experiencing thinning hair also due to the collagen & vitamin B Varients.
You definitely have to give a supplement like this at least 3 months to work and comment on results/experience so I will report back!

Loris A.
Very practical & great taste

I really enjoy the honey-like taste! I was very surprised at how good it is. I also find the packaging very practical. You can get your dose of daily collagen and other important supplements in a few seconds. What I also appreciate is the fact that the packaging is easy to recycle!

Kabeer Handa
Taste good & feel good

I wanted to take collagen for crispy joints & anti ageing looks. I can’t say much about joints but i feel some positive difference in looks & muscle mass. Its quite sweet in taste which i like. Once i received leaked pack otherwise no complaints.